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Triad City Beat exists to chronicle the Triad cities as low-cost incubators of innovation, sustainability and creativity. We publish smart reporting and writing that recognizes the intelligence of our readers. An informed citizenry is the lifeblood of democracy, and we take our responsibility seriously to provide good journalism to hold economic and governmental powers accountable, both locally and across North Carolina. Culture binds us, and we commit to provide lively and vital coverage of food, music and the arts in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. We unapologetically focus on the cities, and won’t shrink from defending LGBT rights, racial justice and an urban sensibility. We carry the flag for no party or faction, and fiercely defend our editorial independence.

Our team

brian_clareyPublisher/Executive Editor: Brian Clarey

An altweekly veteran of more than 20 years, Brian Clarey studied journalism at Loyola University New Orleans and wrote for the Gambit before moving to the NC Piedmont Triad. He has been covering this market in publications like the News & Record, Our State, O. Henry magazine and Yes Weekly since 2000.

AllenPublisher Emeritus: Allen Broach

Allen Broach has been a voice for the arts, veterans, LGBT issues and small businesses for more than 30 years. His advertising agency, Broach & Co., thrived for decades on Elm Street in the same downtown building where he eventually installed the Broach Theatre.

rob-robert-paquetteArt Director: Rob Paquette

Rob Paquette studied graphic design and advertising at Guilford Technical Community College. Post-grad, he built a career as a freelancer playing guitar in local bands and designing original album artwork and band logos.

Jordan GreenSenior Editor: Jordan Green

Jordan Green finished his masters in journalism at Columbia University and worked as a reporter in Santa Fe, NM and Durham before moving to the Triad. He specializes in investigative deep dives and political writing. His work has appeared in the Nation, the Guardian and Scalawag.

Associate Editor: Sayaka Matsuoka

Sayaka Matsuoka joined the alt-weekly world in 2014 when she interned for City Beat. After moving to the Triangle and garnering bylines in Indy Week and Durham Magazine, she moved back to Greensboro and now covers culture and news. Her work has appeared on Rewire and Bitch as well.

Contributors: Savi Ettinger, Carolyn de Berry and Matt Jones.


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  1. I need someone who is not afraid to comment the truth against District attorney Jim O’Neal… He’s a Fukin COWARD for hiding behind Forsyth County Sheriff’s and using them as enforcers to violate my constitutional right to be in a public building!!! He was afraid of me speaking at a murder trial (on 2/14/20 ) and having the community, family, and friends of the victim awakened and educated by what I had to say!!!

    Premeditated murder will never be self-defense!!!

  2. Your website and your “About” section detail everything but HOW TO SUBSCRIBE. I see comments by people wanting to UNsubscribe so I know subscription is a part of it SOMEwhere. Is this a physical paper that’s delivered? How often? How much does it cost??? You’ve got everything except how to access your publication – at least not in an obvious location on your website.

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