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  1. I need someone who is not afraid to comment the truth against District attorney Jim O’Neal… He’s a Fukin COWARD for hiding behind Forsyth County Sheriff’s and using them as enforcers to violate my constitutional right to be in a public building!!! He was afraid of me speaking at a murder trial (on 2/14/20 ) and having the community, family, and friends of the victim awakened and educated by what I had to say!!!

    Premeditated murder will never be self-defense!!!

  2. Your website and your “About” section detail everything but HOW TO SUBSCRIBE. I see comments by people wanting to UNsubscribe so I know subscription is a part of it SOMEwhere. Is this a physical paper that’s delivered? How often? How much does it cost??? You’ve got everything except how to access your publication – at least not in an obvious location on your website.

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