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Our readers cross most traditional demographic barriers. We attract readers of every age, from college kids looking for something fun on the weekend to newspaper fans who have been reading news in print for 50 years and everything in between. Most are educated and professional, and appreciate a touch of sophistication to their media. Our readers have a few things in common: They’re smart, and know the value of staying informed. And they’re engaged — the go to the theater and to museums, restaurants, concerts and shows. They vote. They use greenways and parks. They care about their communities and want to help make things better.

It’s a potent demographic mix, one that’s sure to affect your business. And we have several ways to reach them.

  • 53% Women
  • 65% ages 25-54
  • 76% college educated
  • MORE THAN HALF make more than $50,000 a year

[Source: Quantcast analytics, July 2017]

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