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  1. Regarding Brian Clarey’s Editor’s Notebook, “Schooled” (June 10): do you know if the statistics for “bachelor’s degrees or higher” consider residents of appropriate college-graduate age, or ALL ages (children, for example)?


    D Wells

  2. Dear Triad City Beat, I was hoping to take a moment of your time to discuss an upcoming Town Hall:

    GTCC is hosting a Candidate Forum on Feb 27th, 7pm. This event is only one week away and is an opportunity for Guilford County District 6 residents to know more about their candidates. This is a non-partisan event that exists to create a platform where voters can ask politicians running for election about their values so they can be better educated before the March 3rd election and the National General Election in November. We have confirmed attendance from Democratic, Republican and Independent candidates so far.

    If you don’t mind, please announce this event where you see fit so students and the community may join the college in open discussion with candidates from all parties. Being an informed individual or voter is extremely important in today’s society and is the main purpose for our hosting this Greensboro Town Hall. There will be a booth for voter registration as well since voting is the essence of any democracy and we wish to ensure there are provisions to register during the meeting.

    Again, this event is open to all students AND the public, so please spread the word.

    Thank you sincerely for all your help and please feel free to approach me about more details regarding the events format, it’s confirmed candidates or anything else at all.


    Neil Sharma, President of the Guilford Tech Poli-Sci Club

    Uniting Communities Through Open Discourse

  3. You guys need to do an in-depth article about what is going on at the jails in Greensboro and High Point! The prisoners are all locked down, there’s very few CO’s, no phone calls, no visitors, no trials forthcoming, no bail reductions, and very poor medical care, and food. Would be a timely story.

  4. Thank you for the article on the library. Many staff are concerned. Dr Ohl did not visit the library but made a decision based on word of mouth rather than personal observation. Irresponsible.

  5. Is there anyway I can order a copy of the “We’ll Get Through This” paper? I live out of town now but would like to have a hard copy of that print. Let me know what to do!

  6. Please do not take pictures of me while I am working. One of your people came in Wholefoods and took my picture with out my consent. I have contacted a lawyer as well thank you. And the author was very well misinformed.

  7. Thought you may be interested to know that many area dental offices are planning to resume routine care this week. This runs against the CDC’s guidelines that continue to recommend postponement of elective dental care until further notice. The aerosols produced in dentistry can harbor COVID-19 particles that have been shown to stay suspended in the air for 3 hours. So, if an asymptomatic patient has dental work done, then the next patient breathes in that air, there may be potential for infection for that patient. Seems like bad timing with our COVID cases growing, not declining. It’s all on the CDC website.

  8. Lawsuits will follow y’all for misrepresentation and derogatory racist statements you made of people of Graham defended the statue and Confederate flag,They were NOT AT ALL neo Confederate.Get your facts and history straight and please no name calling that’s bullying race baiting,BTW Wyatt Outlaw was a Confederate soldier as well look him up on Wikipedia,,,So when people are protecting,the Confederate soilders statue and the flag it is also honoring Black and white and native Indians of ALL
    the Confederate Armys,,Look up Confederate flags for each,,,the bad thing was that after the war KKK change it a bit and represent it badly.Thats why it’s thought of racist.Not disagree about some Confederate Army s were not just saying look into the KKK flag and Confederate flag almost the same but a slight difference,It had to do with the military rules and regulations.
    But back to the people of Graham Go apologize so no lawsuits come your way.I don’t live there but I’m sick and tired of news media with fake or outlandish ways to stir up anything for what,?Be better then that

  9. Hi there! I’m writing to ask where would be the best channel to send a Letter to the Editor Opinion piece? Thanks!

  10. Hi. I have a press release I’d like to submit regard the outgoing/incoming CEO/ED of the YWCA gso. Could you please tell me how? Thank you.

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