• Who holds more power than the Pope? The Popes of North Carolina, of course. Claude Pope is only a distant cousin of Art Pope, the budget director for Gov. Pat McCrory and financier of the state’s conservative political apparatus, but he chairs the state Republican Party. Not bad as circles of family influence go. Claude Pope speaks to the Forsyth County conservative lunch group at the Golden Corral at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem at noon.

• WUAG, the student-run station at UNCG, celebrates its 50th birthday with an extravaganza at Glenwood Coffee and Books, located at 1310 Glenwood Ave., from 3 to 11 p.m. The lineup includes the Bronzed Chorus, Jenny Besetzt, Matty Sheets & the Blockheads, Axxa/Abraxas, Oulipo, Breathers and T. Lee Gunselman. Elsewhere, The Corradi and Design Archives are among the vendors. The Bandito Burrito Truck, Great Escape and Diva Dogs food trucks provide the grub. Our intern, Kelly Fahey, helped organize the event.


• Ethnosh hosts a Greensboro NoshUp at Monezi Brazilian Buffet & Grill, located at 5406 Sapp Road, at 6 p.m.

• Local film critic Budd Wilkins introduces Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho at the Carolina Theatre, located at 310 S. Greene St. in Greensboro, at 7 p.m. If you read the story in last week’s Stage & Screen, you know I’m a fan — of Budd and Hitchcock.

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