Daily Beat: May 26, 2014


Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of the summer, and you might be at the pool. A lot of people have the day off work — nurses, police officers and news-media folk not so much — and the courts and most local government offices are closed. It’s a chance for many of us to catch our breath, get together with friends and toss some burgers or veggies on the grill.

Let’s not forget the solemn purpose of the holiday — it’s to honor our nation’s war dead. It’s instructive to remember that the tradition grew up simultaneously in the North and South — honoring both those who lost their lives in the cause of the union and secession after the Civil War. So it doesn’t really matter what cause or which war, from the struggle for independence to the invasion of Iraq. It doesn’t matter whether one is inclined towards military intervention or reflexively anti-war; we should all honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


A Memorial Day service will be held at the High Point Veteran’s Memorial, located at the intersection of High Avenue and South Main Street from 10 to 11 a.m. retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Bill Cowan will be the guest speaker.


Matty Sheets performs at Scuppernong Books, located at 304 S. Elm St. in Greensboro, at 6 p.m.

Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove plays Bull’s Tavern, located at 408 W. Fourth St. in Winston-Salem, at 10 p.m.