Daily Beat: Sept. 1, 2014


It’s Labor Day. On any given day, North Carolina is the least unionized state in America, switching back and forth with South Carolina. In practice, we honor cheap labor more than we do the women and men who perform work in this state. Even though sentiment is cheap, we should take a moment to thank the people whose sweat, gumption and creativity provides services to our communities and gives value to our businesses.

• If you really want to do something to change the sorry state of affairs in North Carolina, the first step is to get together with people of like mind and talk about it. The NC NAACP’s #TalkUnion Tour stops at the Beloved Community Center, located at 417 Arlington St. in Greensboro, at noon.

• City offices are closed in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point for the holiday. Garbage pickup is delayed by one day.


• Prez Parks and the crew with Gate City Get Down spins soul wax at Westerwood Tavern, located at 508 Guilford Ave. in Greensboro, at 10 p.m.