by Eric Ginsburg

1. Lunch

Picnic in a cemetery. It isn’t creepy or disrespectful and few places are as peaceful. Green Hill Cemetery is my favorite — it’s an enclave near the core of downtown Greensboro and has two picnic tables in the center designed for just such an outing. Bring the Firecracker Salmon Salad from Mozelle’s in Winston-Salem or a chicken burrito from Villa del Mar in Greensboro with you. Take a walk while you’re there.

2. Afternoon

Drive to a different Triad city and go to an art gallery. Some of the best ones, including the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, are free. A few, like the 512 Collective in High Point, are art projects in themselves. And if you’ve never seen Reynolda’s sprawling lawns and lush garden or stared up at 19th-century English-style hunt club that is SECCA, you’re missing out. Alternatively, go to All A Flutter Butterfly Farm in High Point or the cheap driving range at Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro.

3. Early evening

Graze, the fancy restaurant located inside the Marriott on North Cherry Street in downtown Winston-Salem, serves upscale appetizers every day from 4 to 7 p.m. for just $5. That means dishes like baked lobster and pimiento mac & cheese or seared ahi tuna. Grab some light fare, and then head up the block to Small Batch Beer Co. for a unique pint such as the Cucumbiére Saison, Gose or Match Day session IPA.

4. Dinner o’clock

If this sounds like the modified version of a drinking game, that’s because it is. Each come up with three restaurants that you haven’t been to but would like to try, writing them down separately on a list along with your favorite restaurant. Then draw up a quick pie chart with all eight options, make a spinner (a paperclip works) and give in to chance. This could also be altered to list home-cooked recipes including old favorites and new attempts.

5. Evening

Few things beat rooftops, night swimming, fire pits or good live music. Our Weekender email list is an excellent, curated source for what’s happening in each city, as are the Daily Beat posts on our site. But some of the best fun is found on your own, in the backyard, slipping into places where you aren’t exactly invited or just cruising aimlessly with the windows down on a summer night, headed out into the county. If you need a direction, point your car towards the Eden Drive-In, Lindley Park Filling Station’s bar or A/perture Cinema.

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