A falling-out, then reconciliation

Gerald Williamson and Nathan Wilson had a history of conflict leading up to the Feb. 28, 2014 shooting.

“If my client had been shot, I think everyone would have suspected Gerald Williamson,” Manion said.“They had a beef, and everyone knew about it.”

They fought about three months before the shooting. Later, Dona Williamson would look into the source of dissension, and determine that it was sexual jealousy. Hearing rumors that a sexual liaison between Wilson and her son’s girlfriend had been the cause of the dispute, Dona Williamson said she inquired to see if it was true. She said it was.

“She said before they were going to get married they wanted to bring out who they messed with so they can get it out into the open,” Dona Williamson said. “She said Gerald told her what going on, what about him, and she told him that she messed with Foot.”

Porscha Leak, Nathan Wilson’s girlfriend and the mother of his children, also maintained a friendship with Gerald Williamson. Dona Williamson said her son went over to Leak’s house so that she could work on his dreadlocks, and sometimes they would just hang out. But Leak told Dona Williamson that the friendship never crossed into romantic territory, although Nathan might have harbored suspicions.

Gerald Williamson confronted Nathan Wilson about the infidelity, and they fought.

“Everybody knew that Foot was going around saying he was gonna kill my son, but y’all didn’t warn my son that he was gonna do that,” Dona Williamson said. “My son thought he was cool, so being the bigger man went and shook his hand and apologized to him. He apologized to him. He shook my son’s hand. And then I found out they was still talking on the phone like everything was cool.”

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