Streets don’t talk

While Nathan Wilson’s involvement in the shooting was taken as a given on the streets, the High Point police found few if any witnesses willing to make a statement that would implicate him in the crime.

One young woman who claimed to be at Kenzie’s on the night of the shooting came to pay her respects at the home of Dona Williamson’s mother. Based on how close the woman claimed to be, Dona Williamson said she felt certain that she was in a position to identify the person who killed her son.

“You tell everybody else the truth, but when it comes down to telling me or the police, you going to switch your story,” Dona Williamson said, recounting her frustration.

Even one of her family members refused to speak to the police. Her son’s uncle told Dona Williamson that his wife was at the club at the time of the shooting.

“She told Carlos she seen him empty that gun into Gerald,” Dona Williamson recounted. “So Carlos gave the police her number. And she trying to talk about, ‘Well, I ain’t no snitch.’ I’m like, ‘That’s your family. And you just gonna sit there and say something like that?’”

Why out of potentially 100 witnesses at the club on the night of the shooting, no one was willing to come forward and give a statement to the police, except for two people who apparently lied to gain leniency with the police is hard for Matt Stockdale to understand.

“I wish I knew,” the assistant district attorney said.

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