It’s April Fool’s Day, my favorite holiday of the year — low pressure! — and I’m dying to load up the calendar with fake events. But that would pretty much defeat the whole purpose of the post.

So all of the following is for realsies… as far as I know.


  • Noon at the ‘Spoon is a 30-minute quickie on an exhibition, work or artist at UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum. Today at noon, museum Director Nancy Doll and Curator of Exhibitions Xandra Eden discuss their co-curated exhibition Nancy Rubins: Drawing, Sculpture, Studies. It’s a freebie, and it sounds legit.
  • Winston-Salem rejoins with an opening at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Eric Fertman: A Comic Turn “explores object-based humor through the medium of sculpture in a survey of Fertman’s work,” according to the presser, perfectly in line with the holiday. Also on exhibit will be videos by performance and conceptual artists with humor as a theme. Try not to overthink it.
  • Back on South Elm Street, Scuppernong Books has declared naked outrage against censorship… literally! Something about naked Frenchmen, government censorship… I don’t know, but there’s a picture. There’s also the promise of a 10 percent discount for anyone showing up at the bookstore naked. Reminds me of a bar I used to go to years ago, but if I remember correctly, naked people drank free.


  • Aside from all the usual April 1 prankery, Elsewhere in downtown Greensboro opens for the season with its Grand Re-Opening Parade & Feast of Fools. The action begins at 6 p.m. with street festivities ” in celebration of all things absurd,” sidewalk art exhibits, the crash-bang-boom of Cackalack Thunder and what they’re calling “merry mischief,” which sounds to me like someone is getting a pie in the face. A dinner for members and non-members alike follows at 7:30.
  • Also, I hear open mic at New York Pizza is cancelled. Is that some sort of April Fool’s BS?

Holding your breath for that naked Scuppernong Books picture? Here ya go, ya perv:

The staff at Scuppernong books enacted their naked outrage in a photoshoot.
The staff at Scuppernong books enacted their naked outrage in a photoshoot.

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