Pick up Triad City Beat at Twin City Hive starting tomorrow.

This weekend’s grand opening at Twin City Hive is exactly the kind of thing we at Triad City Beat have been talking about: ambitious and smart people, with grand plans and clear vision, trying to do something better.

And it answers another question we’ve been asking over here: What happens when good people stay?

We’ve all seen our amazing and talented friends leave the Triad for greener pastures — Caleb Caudle and Jordan Grace Owens spring immediately to mind — resulting in what we’ve come to call the “brain drain.”

But what happens when great people stay right here and make a go of it?

You get things like Twin City Hive, an amalgamation of specialized, creative business ideas: great coffee, small-batch chocolates, Segway tours, local art and whatever else they can come up with.

Congrats on tomorrow’s opening guys. And thanks for carrying Triad City Beat.


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