How is it possible that March goes by so much more quickly than February? Time is relative, friends. That’s why I don’t believe in calendars. Or clocks. You telling me you can boil a whole day down to that little circle? No way, dude.


  • The mayor’s girlfriend and the rest of the crew from the Breathing Room bring Suzy McCalley’s work A Goddess Tale to the Hanesbrands stage this weekend, exploring the space between performance and healing. (W-S)
  • Wordsomnia, the 24-hour marathon reading of poetry and prose begins at Scuppernong Books on Friday at 3 p.m. Readers can sign up in 10-minite time slots to keep the party going. TCB Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey goes on Saturday at 5 p.m., reading from his new(ish) book The Anxious Hipster and Other Barflies I’ve Known. (GSO)
  • Track-and-field types gather at High Point University this weekend for the 2015 VertKlasse Meeting. It’s a complete event — we’re talking hammer toss, high jump, shotput, the whole deal. (HP)


  • It’s First Friday in the downtown streets of Greensboro and Winston-Salem, the April edition widely regarded as the kickoff to the season, the first warm weekend for this outdoor paean to the arts. Among the attractions in Greensboro: a grand opening and Kickstarter auction at Elsewhere and a Caffeine showcase and dance party at the Green Bean. In Winston-Salem, Ember Gallery has documentarian Ryan Gustman showing “Ghosts of Winston-Salem” and free art and music at the Garage starting at 8 p.m. (GSO/W-S)
  • Empire Books creeps back on the live scene with an improv music show by Collappss, tackling the John Zorn composition “Cobra,” a game piece that relies on a set of cue cards instructing the musicians what to play. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. (GSO)
  • Meanwhile, high atop the Carolina Theatre at the Crown, we get us in the spirit for Phuzz Phest. Winston-Salem native Stuart McLamb is the closest thing the city has to a rock star. He launched the Love Language in 2008. Echo Courts, featuring former TCB intern Kelly Fahey, will be playing Phuzz this year. (GSO)


  • Twin City Hive, the boutique space known for coffee, chocolate, Segways and more, celebrates its first year beginning at noon. Details are scarce, so you’ll have to see it for yourself. (W-S)
  • Nobody can stop Joe Scott at Geeksboro from showing The Last Temptation of Christ now. He’s running it for Easter weekend.
  • Reanimator‘s got the Nervous Ticks, a cathartically fearsome garage-pink band out of Richmond, Va., another holdover from last year’s Phuzz Phest, with opener Natural Causes. (W-S)
  • The Vaudeville After Dark crew presents Young Frankenstein at the Idiot Box, a sexy take on the Mel Brooks classic. No kids. (GSO)


  • The Moravian tradition continues at Old Salem with egg-painting, egg-hunting and music form the Tannenberg organ at 9:30 a.m. (W-S)

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