The Weekender: Clown Car Edition

Clowns get a bad rap.

It’s too easy to draw a parallel between the circus, which is definitely in town this week, and the political process unfolding before our eyes this year.

Clowns everywhere.

Clowns get a bad rap: Pennywise, John Wayne Gacy, the Juggalos. But I’ve interviewed a real clown — the circus kind — and they are highly trained performers.

I’ve interviewed a few of the other kinds of clowns, too.

Either way, it would do us all some god to get out of the house over the next couple days. Your Weekender awaits.


  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus @ the Greensboro Coliseum (GSO)
    Contortionists and trapezes and unitards, oh my! It’s that time of year again: This circus has been rolling into towns across America since 1884, and this weekend they set up camp in Greensboro. On the billing: a family of motocross riders reaching speeds of 65 mph in a Globe of Steel, and the Medeiros acrobatic troupe, who perform various tricks while hanging from their hair. Go to for tickets.


  • Valensteins @ Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company (GSO), 6:30 p.m.
    Coming up empty on V-Day gift ideas? Hillary Meredith & Courtney Reynolds, co-founders of GSO crafting collaborative Factory 101, will teach you to etch your own beer stein. We dare you to find something that says “true love” better than a cold pint of craft beer with your sweetheart’s name on it. Space is limited; register at


  • District-wide spelling bee @ Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Education Building (W-S), 10 a.m.
    More than 50 students from elementary and middle schools around the Twin Cities will wrack their brains for the Latin roots of words like “schizoid” and “abstemious.” The winner heads to the regional bee on March 13. For more information, please contact Amy Nail at [email protected]
  • After Hours opening reception @ Irving Park Art & Frame (GSO),5:30 p.m.
    Get schooled by art teachers from all around Guilford County, who show off their skills outside of their classrooms in this annually recurring show. “There is a stereotype that those who can’t do, teach,” artist and teacher Seth Bunch said. “This show over the past [five] years has proved that wrong tremendously.” About 16 educators will be showing pieces, some of which are interactive, so dress accordingly if you want to participate. The show runs until March 4. Visit the shop’s Facebook page for more information.
  • Valentine partner yoga @ Pure Light Yoga (HP), 5:30 p.m.
    There are regular-type connections with a loved one, and then there’s staring deeply into your friend or lover’s eyes while doing headstands (disclaimer: not a confirmed asana, do not try this at home). Pure Light Yoga instructor Karen Altenpohl will guide participants through a series of poses using your partner’s body as a prop. This would also make a very strong statement for a first date. Book your spot at
  • Night Sky: The Moon, Stars, and Stories @ Piedmont Environmental Center (HP), 7 p.m.
    Get a closer look at winter sky and hear the folk tales behind what they represent in legend. Attendees will view moon craters, learn about the brightest stars of the season, trace out the winter constellations of Orion, Gemini and Taurus, and see Jupiter’s moons rising in the east in the constellation Leo. The event is for ages 18 and over. Telescopes and hot chocolate will be provided. For more information, call 336.883.8531.

Toy and Train Show[1]


  • African storytelling and drum circle @ St. Philips Heritage Center (W-S), 10:30 or 11:30 a.m.
    As part of Old Salem’s Black History Month events series, Winston storytelling musical group the Healing Force invites participants into a traditional West African djembe drum circle. Visit to buy passes for the event series.
  • Introduction to Home Brewing @ Triad Homebrew Supply (GSO), 11 a.m.
    If TCB’s recent cover story on the Battleground Brewers’ Guild whetted your hoppetite for some indie chemistry but you’re not yet bold enough to Pinterest-attempt your own brews, Eric Henriksen of Triad Homebrew Supply is here to help you learn how to make beer all by yourself via the extract brewing process. Trained brewers will be on hand for questions, and you can try samples of “Hoppiness Is An IPA”, which was made by their last class. Hot dogs will be provided as well. For more details, visit
  • Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration @ Wake Forest University (W-S), 3 p.m.
    The Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is an important holiday in several Chinese religious traditions dedicated to honoring family and ancestors, as well as coming together to feast on delicious food, which is something all religions have in common. You can do both with the Asia Student Interest Association, which rings in the Year of the Monkey with student performances, games, and traditional home-cooked food in the Barn.


  • Sweet Sounds Valentine’s Dance @ Canterbury School (GSO) 6 p.m.
    Relive middle school by putting on whatever you own that has the puffiest sleeves and getting jiggy in a school gymnasium. As part of the OPUS Concert Series, Greensboro Big Band plays all its most romantic music with Mike Day conducting. If you want to fully commit to the nostalgia, have your mom pick you and your date up in her station wagon.