The Weekender: Friday, March 28-Sunday, March 30

Can you see the vulnerability behind his smile?

Looks like we’ve got a wonderful, warm weekend coming on, which is great because it’s not quite lawnmower season yet. The dads out there know what I’m talking about. Amirite, fellas?

Take that time you’ll soon be spending  behind a machine, pushing it across every inch of your property while reliving all of your past failures, and go out and do something fun.

Or, at least, click on some of these sweet links.


  • The Oak Ridge Boys like a little bit of gospel with their country, and it’s been working out for them pretty well since the 1960s, with more than a few lineup changes. They’re on tonight at the Greensboro Coliseum’s War Memorial Auditorium. Some will come to hear “Elvira,” the rest to look with envy upon William Lee Golden’s beard.
  • Piedmont Together met all day Thursday to map out the future of the Triad through 2040. Today the thing wraps up with a half-day workshop by Jeff Speck on walkability — that thing you do to get the lawnmower across the yard. The event, which is free and open to the public, kicks off at 8:30 a.m. at the Empire Room in downtown Greensboro. Make a reservation if you’ve got the time .
  • The Winston-Salem Festival Ballet‘s Metropolis finishes up this weekend at the Hanesbrands Theatre with performances tonight, Saturday and Sunday. The work, by founder and Artistic Director Gary Taylor, is about the complex workings of a city: “From a blind date to a corporate merger, From the sidewalks and streets to the penthouse, Commitments large and small, A look inside the heartbeat of the city.” That’s straight from the website, folks.


  • We’ve been waiting for months to see the Twin City Hive, Winston-Salem’s newest and most happening coffee spot, art gallery, candy store and Segway station, open it’s doors, and not just so we can make “buzz” jokes, and not just because we all want to ride Segways. But those are definitely part of it. It begins at 9 a.m., in the old Mary’s of Course location. Bzzzzz.
  • There aren’t enough women in technology, but Tech Savvy for Girls, today at UNCG, gives girls in grades 6-9 a day dedicated to science, technology, logic and professional skills.
  • The Creative Center in Greensboro does double duty with a Baby Belly Bazaar beginning at 11 a.m. that features everything the postmodern mother to be could want: midwives, doulas and other natural healthcare practitioners, henna tattoos and bodypaints for bellies; a maternity fashion show; and something called “birth art.”
  • Then, at 5 p.m., the Martha Bassett Trio takes the stage for the Showcase Galery & Café. Jordan Green says: “[S]he’s done plenty of collaborations with other musicians covering what can be called the Americana (or Canadiana, as the case may be) standard songbook, including the songs of Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen.” This one’s put on by the good people at the Collabative.
  • The Cline Observatory at Guilford College holds a Black Hole Open House at 7:30 p.m. with a full-dome, multimedia presentation on black holes, a tour of the facility and a peek through the giant telescope. A black hole is an extremely dense mass of matter from which not even light can escape, and I’m pretty sure it looks something like this.


  • You still hanging around? Okay, Fifth Season Gardening Co. is having a seed exchange at the Blind Tiger at 2 p.m. And when you’re done, get out there and plant those bulbs, and maybe cut your lawn.