Yep, checked my calendar and it’s still July. Is it me, or does it feel like this month has been going on for five-hundred twenty-five thousand six-hundred minutes?


  • The Crown is a cool space above the Carolina Theatre where they’ve been hosting rock shows, weddings, press conferences, burlesque, offbeat theater and more. This weekend the Open Space Café Theatre and Rising Star Teen Theatre bring the musical Rent, a Tony Award-winning musical about lost New York City, when the rents were still (relatively) affordable, Brooklyn was a shameful place to live and the AIDS crisis had not yet wiped out half of Greenwich Village. This one’s a classic. And it’s not for prudes.
  • The Eastern Music Festival, perhaps the Triad’s oldest continually running music festival and certainly the longest, is full-on rolling, but their site is down as of this writing, making it one of the things I ain’t got time for right now. But the weekend is chock-full of events. Trust me.


  • Bookmarks, Winston-Salem’s autumn ode to the written word, holds its annual Preface Party and Fundraiser at the Old Salem Visitor Center at 6:30 p.m. Reasons to go include the fact that Bookmarks is now in its 10th year, Ed Southern of the North Carolina Writers Network will say a few words about the business and art of writing, there will be a lot of smart and interesting people there and the menu looks absolutely freakin’ amazing. Worth the price of admission alone.
  • Hard to believe, but you can still smoke a cigar at NewBridge Bank Park. At least you can tonight when the Pipe & Pint hosts Cigar Night with Kristian Cortez of Cortez Cigars while the Grasshoppers take on the Crawdads of Hickory. They’ll be hand-rolling the things up on the mezzanine, which is cool to see if you like cigars.
  • Twin City Hive is kicking into gear with an Evening with Sarah Klute, a “California born, Colorado raised, North Carolina based songbird” that begins at 7 p.m. The Hive’s website is not yet active, and Klute has not released anything publicly to her Soundcloud. Klut’s on Twitter, though, @Klutey. So there’s that.
  • The Carolina Theatre, which has finally got the hang of double-bookings, screens the Best of the 48 Hour Film Project, 7-minute films crafted over a weekend, each with a prescribed character, prop and line of dialogue. The Greensboro festival gained notoriety when, in 2007, a group of ragtag filmmakers took their winning entry, “JoBeth,” all the way to the Cannes Film Festival.
  • There’s rock at New York Pizza with Totally Slow, Late Bloomers, Daddy Issues and Alright. Most people will be there to get a look at lady killers (as opposed to “ladykillers”) Daddy Issues.
  • Ditto for the Blind Tiger with Imperial Blend and Floating Thought. Though some may be there just for the food truck.
  • And… what’s this? Rock in High Point? Why not. The Radio Narks play their version of live karaoke at Ham’s Palladium at 10 p.m.


  • Start the day at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, where Alex Amoroso of Cheesecakes fame will be hustling pancakes for Blueberry Pancake Day. Local ingredients, live music, all that.
  • Or try the Saturday Cobblestone Farmers Market, where Dell Guthrie performs a set and Oldtown Farm brings a buttload of heirloom tomatoes.
  • Later in Winston-Salem, the Carolina Summer Music Fest hits the Fairgrounds featuring the SOS Band and the guy who does “The Wobble.” All the shorties in the club will be there.
  • Like movies? Then hang with Movie Show Joe at Geeksboro, where the Saturday Night Lawndale Drive-In screens Space Jam, as soon as the sun sets.
  • At Krankies, the Winston-Salem Shuffle holds down a different sort of scene. It’s like a Bohemian talent show, where performers of all stripes and experience levels celebrate the creative spirit, with coffee and beer.


  • Let’s head back to the Twin City Hive, where the first Artists Market goes down at noon. Vendor space is most certainly available — shout out to [email protected] to get the skinny.

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