New Year's Eve in Times Square is a total nightmare. Try one of our fine local rock clubs instead.
New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a total nightmare. Try one of our fine local rock clubs instead.

Is it New Year’s Eve already? My how the time flies.

A walloping 33 percent of respondents to our online poll claimed they were going to bed early tonight (losers), and just 11 percent endeavored to find live music. But 29 percent said they were going to play it by ear, so a curated survey of the evening’s live music should still prove useful.


  • The wordsmiths at Hoots are christening New Beers Eve tonight at the Roller Bar, with the midnight debut of Watchnight Starkbier, which is absolutely what Batman would drink if he were in town. Listen for analog music all night, and look for Swaim behind the bar. (W-S)
  • Jessica Mashburn spins her own web in the swanky space at PrintWorks Bistro at the Proximity Hotel tonight. Love songs and glam are sure to be on the bill. (GSO)
  • Gibbs Hundred Brewing gives life to the term “Hootenanny” with music from the Zinc Kings and their own Highland Cold Mountain and Granite Falls Peanut Butter Ale flowing from the taps. (GSO)
  • The Garage brings a night of contemporary folk with hometown band the Genuine, with Tyler Nail and Charlie King in support. (W-S)
  • Mother’s Finest lies somewhere between Parliament and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They’re at the Cone Denim Lounge tonight. (GSO)
  • The Blind Tiger‘s annual New Year’s Eve Bash with the Mantras has become a Gate City institution. Gonna be a food truck, too. (GSO)
  • Ziggy’s annual NYE event features the Plaids, who started out as a straight-up cover band but have evolved into something that is more akin to performance art. (W-S)

That being said, Once I fire this thing off, I’m probably going to fall asleep on my couch.

Happy New Year, everybody!






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