Not even trying.
Not even trying.

It’s Halloween weekend, and it’s entirely appropriate to start wearing costumes everywhere you go.

I find there are two types of people: Those who have had their Halloween costumes and evening plans tightened up for weeks, and those who will be scrambling to put something together at the last minute. This Weekender is for the latter group, though the former might find something useful here as well.

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  • Sir Paul McCartney comes to the Greensboro Coliseum tonight. Tickets are still available — I found a single for $272.85 just this morning. Last-minute costume idea: Wear a pair of glasses, muss your hair and skip brushing your teeth and tell everyone you’re Austin Powers. (GSO)
  • RiverRun International Film Festival brings off-season programming with screenings of Makers, a PBS film series about trailblazing women in the United States. The free screening of Women in Space begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Smith-Reynolds Airport. Last-minute costume idea: Wear a track suit and be former astronaut Steve Austin, AKA the the Bionic Man. (W-S)
  • Whatchoo gonna do? The Pure Prairie League makes an appearance at the High Point Theatre tonight at 7:30 p.m. See for tickets and details. Last-minute costume idea: Just wear your damn cowboy hat already. (HP)


  • Greensboro Ballet presents Dracula, Robert Royce’s take on the legendary tale expressed through dance. It runs Friday and Saturday night. Last-minute costume idea: Smear yourself in glitter and go as a Twilight vampire. (GSO)
  •  Piedmont Opera brings Puccini’s masterpiece Madame Butterfly to the Stevens Center stage. It’s the story of a young naval officer and his Japanese wartime bride, sung in Italian with English supertitles. It runs through Nov. 4. Last-minute costume idea: Wrap yourself in a big blanket and go as a cocoon. (W-S)


  • The brainy crew at Scuppernong gets funky with literary costume party. Come dressed as your favorite literary protagonists and writers beginning at 7 p.m., with a set by Joy on Fire at 8:30. Last-minute costume idea: All you need is a dark blazer and some booze to be a drunk and surly Norman Mailer. (GSO)
  • The House of Halloween Hullabaloo is a night of rockabilly and roots at the Garage, setting the backdrop for costuming, scares and other salacious activities courtesy of Brain Drain Records. Last-minute costume idea: Wear all black, paint your face white and go as a mime. No special reason, I just think it would be funny. (W-S)


  • Greensboro’s South End is the place for the Potters of the Piedmont Festival, anchored by Earthworks Pottery and featuring the work of more than 50 artists that runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last-minute costume idea: Smear yourself with mud and go as a lump of clay. (GSO)
  • It’s Apple Celebration Day at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. Apple pancakes, apple cider and lots of fresh red fruit highlight this tribute to autumn’s favorite bounty. Get there early — the action starts at 9 a.m. Last-minute costume idea: Eat apples from a shoulder bag, throw the cores over your shoulder and all of a sudden you’re Johnny Appleseed. (GSO)
  • At the NC Dance Festival at Aycock Auditorium, a pre-show talk about modern dance introduces this evening of kinetic energy. “From thrilling lifts and intimate partnering to social commentary and celebration of movement as an expression of identity, the concert presents the wide variety of contemporary modern dance being created here in North Carolina,” the presser describes. Last-minute costume idea: You can’t go wrong with a leotard. (GSO)
  • It’s the Day of the Dead at Krankies. “Ghost stories and murder ballads” mark the onstage fare from Cactus Black, the B Kin Band and host Laura Jane Vincent. Last-minute costume idea: The old two-holes-in-the-sheet. Boo!
  • Southern storyteller Jeanne Robertson warns against bringing men to the grocery store, rafting without a Baptist in the boat, getting frisky in a tent and other conventional wisdom. She’s at the High Point Theatre tonight in a big weekend for the venue. Last-minute costume idea: jorts dad. (HP)


  • North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber brings the Moral Mondays show on the road in time for Election Day. He’ll address the crowd at Shiloh Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Maybe skip the costume for this one. (W-S)
  • Vaudeville After Dark brings Remember, Remember the Month of Movember, a night of mustache-themed comedy to the Idiot Box at 6 p.m. Last-minute costume idea: Pasties. (GSO)
  • Graffito Hieronymus will tag S2dio Supplies’ mobile art-supply store  at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts beginning at 11 a.m. It’s a freebie. Hang around for Sunset Flicks at 7 p.m. — they’re showing The Goonies tonight. Last-minute costume idea: Gotta be Chunk. (W-S)


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