There’s this thing called the “True ‘Cue NC” certification that is supposed to distinguish real pit-fired North Carolina barbecue from the pretenders. But even, or maybe especially, among the most zealous connoisseurs there’s fierce debate about who’s got the best. Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg runs down the Triad’s authentic ‘cue options in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Barber crop copyNorth Carolina’s ‘monster’ voting law goes on trial

• Companion: Winston-Salem becomes the stage for national voting rights battle

A voter’s guide to the city council redistricting

• High Point Journal: Liquor-house parties flaunt residents’ complaints


Caleb_Smallwood• Editorial: Winston-Salem: Ground Zero

• It Just Might Work: Veggie dogs at the ballgame

• Fresh Eyes: The ‘dirty work’ of slaughtering animals

• Editor’s Notebook: Those shoes


wartime• Citizen Green: A stealth scheme to suppress Greensboro’s vote

• Good Sport: Dulce et decorum est

• All She Wrote: The inevitable lawsuit



20150708_221348• Food: International Girls Night Out at the Chinese Kitchen

• Barstool: Lulu & Blu

• Art: The creative process on display

• Music: The deep love between a man and his cello

• Stage & Screen: Life beyond Netflix: Video rental aims for a comeback

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