As North Carolinians debate the controversial HB 2 and HB 972 legislations, take some time in your weekend for mad chilling.

After all, recreation is part of a full human experience.

All Weekend

ConGregate 2016 @ the Radisson Hotel (HP) High Point’s 3rd annual sci-fi/fantasy con, created and staffed solely by volunteers, features a costume contest, charity auction, and special guests including musical duo Valentine Wolfe. The event website declares that “we pride ourselves in trying to provide an inclusive environment” —and at a local venue, too. Take a cue from the Silver Surfer and tell your squad that ConGregate also strives to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Gotta love a con for everyone. Hit up for more.


Public vinyl demo @ Ember Audio+Video (W-S), 5 p.m. Ember AV brings out the big machinery with vinyl tunes cranked out on their KEF Reference 5 speakers. Johan Coorg, who describes himself as “dynamic and music-crazed,” plays host along with the Ember folks. Plus, the organizers at Ember AV humblebrag about the “hot coffee and mood-lighting” aura of their vinyl demo. Wonder if vinyl-gazing qualifies as a relaxation technique? Visit for more.


Ladies’ night aerial yoga @ Yoga Mindset (HP), 6:30 p.m. The folks at Yoga Mindset invite you to “come fly with us” IRL, as long as you ID as a lady(interpret that how you want). Along with aerial silks and intense stretches, you’ll find wine and eats at this full-body-experience event. Yogis of all levels are welcome, as are funky yoga pants. Search Yoga Mindset High Point on Facebook to register.


Greensboro World Refugee Day @ Oka T. Hester Park (GSO), noon Celebrate the Triad’s diverse refugee population at this outdoor festival by showing up for international food, a football (…soccer) tournament and fine arts performances. Be sure to bring your own delish eats to sizzle alongside dishes from all pockets of Mother Earth. To register for the tourney, and get the full story, email [email protected].

By Any Means Necessary @ Dillard Auditorium, WSSU (W-S), 7 p.m. Local Winston-Salem playwright and director Omeka Lucas’s work makes its stage debut with this play about “a single mother who hits a rough spot in her life.” Lucas’ LinkedIn Page says that she’s a “marketing and branding specialist” who also works in finance. Talk about doing it all. Look up the event page on Facebook for a short synopsis and more.


Dog Essential Oils Class @ All Pets Considered (GSO), 1:30 p.m. If you understand people food and dog food as a strict dichotomy (no chocolate for pups), you may snicker at the idea that dogs require their own relaxing scents. However, if your doggie parent love knows no boundaries, this class is for you. At the post-class workshop, you can create a mix of aromas fit for puppy paradise — including blends labeled “muscles” and “bugs.” Check out the event’s Facebook page for details and tickets.

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