by Jesse Morales and Naari Honor

Between catching rare Pokemon, why not catch a local event? The virtual world will be there when you return.

All Weekend

Central Carolina yarn crawl @ Stitch Point (GSO)

Get your stitch on with the crew from Stitch Point. Go yarn crawling from pillar to post to rack up some amazing gift baskets from from Thursday through Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Why should grandma have all the fun? Rumor has it that one basket contains the book Knitting Ephemera: A Compendium of Articles, Useful and Otherwise, for the Edification and Amusement of the Handknitter. I hear it will leave you in stitches! Get it? No? Search Central Carolina Yarn Crawl on Facebook for detailed info.


Krik? Krak! book discussion @ Delta Arts Center (W-S), 6:30 p.m. Afro-Caribbean literature scores a well-deserved plug at this conversation hour on Krik? Krak!by Edwidge Danticat. While the jury’s still out on what krik krak means, the event organizers describe Danticat’s book of nine short stories as a meditation on “struggle and survival within the Haitian community.” To get crackin’ on discovering more, visit the event’s Facebook page.

Police and Community Forum @ City Hall Council Chamber (HP), 6 p.m. Following the Black Lives Matter Walk 4 Peace held in High Point last Saturday, the High Point police department will host its own community event. The department says “the forum will serve to explain how High Point does policing in a way that has helped the community avoid many of the issues that other departments face around the country.” To raise your voice alongside that narrative, call 336-883-3124 for info on attending.


Best of 2016 GSO 48 Hour Film Project @ the Carolina Theatre (GSO), 7 p.m. For the mumblecore-loving locavores of the Piedmont Triad, this event is probably de rigeur. While the event’s microproduction ethos may clash a bit with the glam red carpet and post-show awards, who really cares? The Greensboro vibe thrives on artistic contradictions. Fair warning to fans of Cecil B. DeMille style epics: a two-day filming window likely yields modest production values. If you’re in, though, go to for the hot tips.


Pokemon Go Walk NC #1 @ Merschel Plaza (W-S), noon Can’t get enough of Brian Clarey’s cover-story investigation into Pokemon Go as a cultural phenomenon? (Alternatively, tryna spot that rare bird singular milleniallis without using Tinder?) Yeah, we know how it feels. Judging by the event’s Facebook roster, so do almost 1,500 Triad Pokemon players. Due to mass interest, the organizers of this first-of- its-kind event advise participants to “wear your team colors and bring water to stay hydrated.” The Facebook event page has complete info.

Reggae Fiyah @ After Hours Tavern (HP), 9 p.m. Fiery tunes and tastes feature at this Sat-nite groove session, at which the event organizers encourage folks to “put your lighters up!” Pure Fiyah Reggae Band will deliver the beats, along with vocal artist Daughter Earth. The King and Queen’s #1 Haitian Cuisine food truck will also be on site. Look up Reggae Fiyah on Facebook for more.

Lunch counter integration celebration @ the International Civil Rights Center & Museum (GSO), noon Amid the tragedies of racism and violence in recent weeks, this celebration brings the best of Greensboro’s historical legacy to bear on our present. “Food trucks on February One Place and tours of the lunch counter” are open to everyone, even if Dr. King’s dream is not yet realized. To show up in honor of the A&T Four’s historic Woolworth’s counter sit-ins, visit


Big Ron Hunter @ Washington Terrace Park (HP), 6 p.m. As the weekend winds down, Piedmont blues musician and international performer Big RonHunter plays an outdoor show for everyone. FYI, he’s also “called the world’s happiest bluesman” — isn’t that an oxymoron? Facebook it for deets.

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