Although Halloween has passed and Christmas is in full swing, let’s not forget our dear friend, Thanksgiving. And in honor of this time of year when the family comes to invade your personal space, pumpkin spice-infused officially takes over the world and weight gain is expected, however,not appreciated, get out of the house to remind yourself of all the beautiful things you have to be thankful for. At the very least take in the beautiful fall weather as you make your way around town because soon the elves will be taking over.

All Weekend

Día de los Muertos celebration @ Greensboro Public Library (GSO)

The Day of the Dead is upon us and the Greensboro Public Library and LeBauer Park have a weekend of events planned to educate, celebrate and showcase the beautiful Mexican tradition that has a rich history and involves more than just vibrant costumes and artistically decorated sugar skulls. For more information about the two-day event visit


Jose Vargas @ Wake Forest University (W-S), 5 p.m.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Vargas, who founded Define America, speaks at Pugh Auditorium in the Benson University Center as part of the university’s Journeys to Success speaker series. Vargas, whose work revolves around redefining the American identity, uses his multimedia platform to discuss race, immigration and the intricacies of multiculturalism. For more information, visit

Soccer @ Bryan Park (GSO), 5:15 p.m.

Bryan Park is expanding its reach to include a soccer park and not just a measly playing space for a pick-up game. Greensboro Parks and Recreation and the Greensboro United Soccer Association are teaming up to create 18 regulation-size soccer fields. Join the ceremonial celebratory festivities with a few scrumptious refreshments to mark the moment. More information at

 Staged flow-reading @ NC A&T University (GSO), 7 p.m.

Resisting Arrest Poems to Stretch the Sky, a poetry anthology about violence against African Americans, comes to the stage of North Carolina’s A&T University. Editor Tony Medina describes the work, which includes three Pulitzer Prize winners, as, “songs of love” versus a “catalogue of despair.” For more information, contact Richard Krawiec at [email protected], 919.810.2863 or


Movie night @ International Civil Rights Center & Museum (GSO), 6:30 p.m.

It’s First Friday movie night at the civil rights museum and in preparation for the arrival of a new exhibit, Mass Incarceration, the museum hosts a viewing of Slavery by Another Name, followed by the Netflix documentary 13th. For more information, visit the civil rights museum’s Facebook page.


Herb tasting @ Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market (GSO), 8:30 a.m.

Ever thought of indulging in the woody taste of a rosemary popsicle? Guest Chef Steve Terrill visits the Farmer’s Curb Market to hold a free cooking demonstration and tasting of three special prepared rosemary-flavored dishes in the Harvest Learning Café. Here’s your chance to partake of dishes infused with rosemary in ways the herb has rarely been used before. For more information, visit

 Kids first Saturdays @ Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market (GSO), 10 a.m.

The ECO Bus comes to the farmer’s market to teach the little ones about healthy foods with a coloring scavenger hunt led by Beth McKinney of Spears YMCA. Five dollars in “kid’s coins” will be given to children enrolled in Guilford County’s free or reduced lunch program’s to be used at the market after a hard day’s work of food hunting. Attendees are asked to preregister by contacting [email protected] or visiting the manager’s desk during store hours. More information can be found at

Opus performance @ Page High School (GSO), 7:30 p.m.

The indoor classical series Opus comes to Page, featuring conductor Evan Feldman. Visit for more information.


Sarah McSweeney @ Scuppernong Books (GSO), 3 p.m.

A child of Greensboro, dueling hippie parents and a father supposedly abducted by aliens, Sarah McSweeny appears at Scuppernong to read from her collection of essays, Tell Me If You’re Lying, which recounts the emotional tales of her colorful life. For more information, visit

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