The Weekender: Taking the Lead edition



Remember always being asked, as a child, what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well you are grown now, did you turn out to be that princes or long-sea shore man of your dreams? If you didn’t quite reach your dreams here is another shot at inspiration to become all you can be, or at the very least move from in front of the television. Take a stand. Delve into the arts. Align those chakras. Whatever you choose to do we are here to support you.

All Weekend

Boat tour @ 6332 Townsend Road, Browns Summit (GSO), 11 a.m.
Come and get your pontoon on before the season is over. The Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department will host boat tours departing at 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. from the marina. The park peeps asks that you please leave the funny boating costumes at home, it’s a pontoon man not a ship, there will not be room Pirates of the Caribbean reenactments. More information go to


A-political party @ Empire Books (GSO), 8 p.m.
While many may feel consumed with whether to vote for Trump or Clinton, this group of revolutionaries want to draw attention back to where it matters: the people suffering at the hands of societal injustices. Join the freedom fighters of Greensboro as they raise bail money for their brothers and sisters who demonstrated in Charlotte against police brutality. More information can be found on the A-political Party Facebook page.

Masquerade ball @ the Artist Bloc (GSO), 9 p.m.
Indulge in the allure of masks and artistry for one night only with accompaniment from dancers, musicians, spoken word and live painters. The nectar flows and imaginations roam freely. More information can be found on the Masquerade Creative Infusion Facebook page.


Yoga @ LeBauer Park (GSO), 5 p.m.
Dude, this is going to be a yoga extravaganza. There will be yoga time for the kids and costumes are encouraged. There will be a glow flow yoga class following the kiddies. Yo, show up, bring your mat and get to doing what yogis do. Please stretch before class. TCB is not responsible for injuries because you chose to get in touch with your inner pretzel. More information can be found on the LeBaurer Park Facebook page.

Nov. 1

Homecoming: Folk Stories on Canvas @ Delta Fine Arts Center (W-S), Tuesday, 10 a.m.
An opening reception marks the launch of this new exhibit, part of a private collection by Ruth Russell Williams and Wanda Clark, which is the second in the series of their Deep Roots Series for 2016-2017. More information at

Best of Enemies @ Salem College, Huber Theater (W-S), 7:30 p.m.
Best of Enemies, a film directed by Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon chronicles a debate between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, respectively a noted leftist and conservative of the late ’60s. Word has it that their great debate signaled a shift from televised informational sessions in sparring fiasco. Definitely a must see. For more information about this free screening, check out