Comb through Greensboro City Council emails

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In an effort towards transparency and holding city officials accountable, TCB made this custom app that allows people to look through the Greensboro City Council emails with ease. The original database and API can be found here.

Learn more about Greensboro City Council here. Check out the story we published by looking through city council emails here.

How to use the tool

Use the field below to search city city council emails sent to and from city council members. The database shows the most recent emails by default.

Notes: The “Original recipient” represents the mailbox of the city official that received the email. Then, the emails are forwarded to a shared inbox for processing. The “Approved date” is the time stamp that the email was approved for release.

To see the whole email, click “Expand +” and viewers can see who sent the email at what time/date.

Find anything interesting? Let us know by sending a note to [email protected] or [email protected]! Wanna donate to TCB‘s efforts? You can do so here.

GSO City Council Email Database

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