Sunday, August 18, 2019
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North Point Grill: The little diner that could

While family-owned restaurants come and go, North Point Grill has roots that began decades ago.

IN THE WEEDS: Date night

This “Busy Bar” approach is a common method in online dating — the main advantage being is that it’s easy to get out of there quick if it’s terrible.

FLASH IN THE PAN: Gruel summer

My friend Sara has a certain combination of grains that she calls by the unfortunate name of “gruel.”

DINNER GUEST: The Summer of Burgers tour

I think of summer as burger season. I think a lot of folks do. So I decreed it to be the Summer of Burgers.

Mindfully Made: Marie Sharp and more

A friendship and a partnership began nearly 30 years ago between Marie Sharp...

FLASH IN THE PAN: Chocolate beet bliss

If nobody told you it was made from beets and carrots, you’d simply think it was a magnificent chocolate torte, moist like a rainforest, rich like a truffle and dense like a brownie.

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