Last night at Kenzie’s

What used to be Kenzie’s Event Center hardly commands notice among the discount stores, churches and low-income apartment complexes that line Brentwood Street. It’s a drab, split-level cinderblock building. Charity Thomas, an entrepreneur and women’s clothing retailer, held the lease on the building on Feb. 27, 2014, which would prove to be the last night the venue was open. The event was a birthday celebration for one of Nathan Wilson’s cousins.

Kenzie's Event Center


Dona Williamson said she believes someone called her son and invited him to Kenzie’s for the birthday party. But she said when the police looked at his cell phone they were unable to find a number on the phone to indicate who extended the invitation.

“The party didn’t start until 11:30,” Manion said. “These people were drinking and drugging heavily. This doesn’t come from my client; I’ve beat the bushes to get people to talk to me.”

Manion described the interior of the club as consisting of three sections.

“There’s the vestibule area where they take money and pat them down for weapons,” she said. “At the north end, there’s a bar with a few tables in there. It’s on a different level from the dance floor. The shooting occurred in the bar where there were fewer people.”

Based on what she’s been told, Dona Williamson said Charity Thomas was working behind the bar when her son was shot.

“She was givin’ out drinks,” Williamson said. “My son was standing at, sitting at the bar when he killed him, so she seen it all.”

The 911 call came from a woman who identified herself as the owner of the club — later identified as Thomas — according to police records.

“Charity Thomas advised that the victim, later identified as Gerald Dwayne Williamson Sr., was lying on the floor and the suspected shooter was known as ‘Goodfoot,’ whose current whereabouts were unknown,” Detective Chris Wolanin would later write in an affidavit in support of a warrant to obtain a DNA sample from Nathan Wilson. The police determined that “Goodfoot” was an alias for Wilson, and later observed a tattoo on his right forearm bearing the nickname.

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