Moving in on the suspect

At the time of Gerald Williamson’s murder, Nathan Wilson was out on bond while facing felony charges for assaulting a female and common-law robbery, both based on allegations made by Porscha Leak, his girlfriend and the mother of his children. The charges are still pending. Manion has filed a motion to exclude Leak’s testimony, arguing that she has since said she doesn’t recall what happened and that she could perjure herself if she takes the stand and testifies to the contrary.

Manion said her client was out of town on March 10, when he was called into court for a “status check.” Nathan Wilson’s mother went in his stead. She told Manion that two homicide detectives were sitting in the courtroom. The next day, Wilson turned himself in, and a judge ordered him to wear an electronic ankle bracelet as a condition of his continued release. Three days later, Manion said her client freaked out when he saw eight or nine sheriff’s deputies outside a friend’s house. He removed the ankle bracelet and fled, she said, but later turned himself in to the police. Manion said the sheriff’s deputies were ostensibly there to serve a warrant on Wilson for nonpayment of child support, but she looked in the case file and discovered there was nothing to indicate he was behind.

Around the same time, Dona Williamson said her niece and a friend encountered Nathan Wilson at the courthouse in High Point. While her niece’s friend was waiting outside, she said she overheard a man who was called “Foot” say, “Yeah, I killed him, and ain’t nobody gonna do nothing about it.”

Although she steadfastly believes Wilson murdered her son, Dona Williamson said on one level it doesn’t make sense: Nathan Wilson had been shot by a group of men before, and didn’t retaliate.

“What I don’t understand is somebody shot him before all this happened,” Dona Williamson said. “He done got shot up by these dudes, and he didn’t go back and try to kill them. I don’t understand that. And then you want to turn around and fight somebody because they fought you straight up.”

Wilson was in jail for violating the conditions of his pre-trial release on the common-law robbery and assault charges when the High Point police charged him with murder on March 24. By then, they had interviewed Abdullah Kindle and Sarah McCullough.

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