A second murder

Working behind the bar at Kenzie’s Event Center and then calling 911 in February 2014, Charity Thomas had already experienced one murder. Now, tragedy was to visit her on a much more personal level. Thomas’ boyfriend, Maurice “Boss Hogg” Hagler, was shot to death at a house on Wise Avenue on Dec. 12.

Dona Williamson said she believes that Hagler had put up the money for Kenzie’s Event Center, although Thomas was listed as the registered agent for the company that owned the club.

Hagler had been incarcerated for eight months in 2006 for possession with intent to sell Schedule II drugs, a category that typically includes cocaine, methamphetamines, opium and methadone. In 2012, he was convicted of possession with intent to sell marijuana, and received a suspended sentence of probation.

Hagler’s murder transpired only six days before the High Point police announced a massive roundup of area heroin dealers. Like the murder of Gerald Williamson, Hagler’s murder remains unsolved.

Dona Williamson said Hagler’s murder cast a chill over potential witnesses in Nathan Wilson’s case before the charges were dropped, intimating that Hagler was killed by people close to Nathan Wilson.

“Yeah, they killed him because he was going to testify against ‘Foot,’” she said, adding that although Hagler wasn’t at the club on the night of the shooting, his death might have been intended as an effort to intimidate Charity Thomas. Thomas could not be reached for comment for this story.

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