Get on the bus!


by Brian Clarey

1. Wendover bus
Greensboro is anticipating crowds into the six figures for this week’s National Folk Festival, which means that downtown streets and sidewalks should be flooded. Fortunately, all city bus lines will be running for free throughout the weekend, which should alleviate some traffic concerns. The Wendover Bus, for example, runs from the Walmart at Bridford Parkway past the strip malls and through a section of Spring Garden Street before hitting downtown.

2. Four Seasons bus
The Four Seasons line runs from Vandalia Road in the southwest past the mall on Gate City Boulevard and through Glenwood on its way to the J. Douglas Galyon Depot. There should be plenty of free parking at the mall.

3. Summit bus
This line originates in the Walmart off Highway 29 in the northeast with a stop at Cone Boulevard and Yanceyville Street before taking Summit Avenue into downtown.

4. Friendly bus
It’s basically a shuttle that leaves the Friendly Center every half hour or so.

5. Battleground bus
The Battleground bus runs all the way from the Brassfield area with stops on Green Valley and the Women’s Hospital on the way.

6. Gate City Boulevard bus
You can pick this well-traveled bus line up all the way out at the Jamestown campus of GTCC, running along Gate City Boulevard the entire way in.

7. Randleman/South Elm-Eugene bus
The neighborhoods along Florida Street between Randleman Road and South Elm-Eugene Street can pick this one up, ride it through Warnersville and be downtown in 15 minutes.

8. Yanceyville bus
Riders from as far north as Pisgah Church Road can catch the Yanceyville bus, which loops through the Brightwood and Rankin neighborhoods as well as the Aycock Historic District on its way to the depot.

9. Parking deck
If you insist on driving (so last century!), downtown parking decks will run on a $10 flat rate, just be aware that on Friday just about every downtown street will be closed.

12. Park N Ride
The festival will have two Park N Ride stations, one at the Greensboro Coliseum on Gate City Boulevard to the west and another at War Memorial Stadium on Yancevyille Street to the east. The shuttles are free.

11. Self-propulsion
Got a bike or a scooter? Now is a great time to use it. Ditto for skateboards, Segways, hoverboards, rollerskates and jetpacks.

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