FIRST PLACE: Best Public Bathroom

There is no accounting for taste, but when it comes to public restrooms there are a few criteria on which to base its merits: Is it clean? Are the paper products adequately stocked? Does the hand-blower work? Is there a diaper-changing station? Does the door to leave push out instead of in? In recent times the two public restrooms at Harris Teeter on Cloverdale have not been on any informal lists of best places to pop-a-squat (or a hover, in the case of many wishing to establish a contactless visit to the lavatory) or even to take a selfie in the mirror to prove you’d been there. Maybe today all of that will change. Maybe it’s the décor from Thai Sawatdee (aka Teeter Thai) and the patterned room divider that provides ambience on your way to the porcelain throne that evokes strong emotion. Or perhaps it’s the humidor case of cigars or the expensive case of Champagne between the Rug Doctor machines and the public drinking fountains that light up the way to the second public restroom location in front of the checkout lines. Either way, both have large, spacious stalls for doing your business and are definitely, positively the most spacious public water closets in all of the county.



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