FIRST PLACE: Best International Grocery Store & Best Gourmet Grocery Store

RUNNER-UP: Best Health Foods Store

Owned and operated by Sudha Moparthy, this grocery store acts as not only a place to get fruits and vegetables, but also a stop for spices and remedies not often found on the shelves of your local Harris Teeter or Trader Joe’s. According to news reports, Moparthy, who currently works as a cancer researcher at Wake Forest Baptist Health, has been active in the research field for close to 18 years and views healthy eating as a form of prevention. On the shelves of Om various bottles and containers of turmeric, coriander, cumin, mustard seed and more — all spices that relate back to an Ayurvedic lifestyle which has been around for thousands of years — can be found. In addition to best international grocery store and runner-up best health foods store, Om also won best gourmet grocery store for its unique offerings like specialty breads, halal meats and Asian vegetables. “We definitely feel happy and at the same time honored to be selected in three categories,” said staff in a message to Triad City Beat. “We wish everyone happy holidays and we hope we can start our new year bright and healthy. Eat healthy and live well!” (

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