5 Rugers
A number of vendors had inventory stolen at the Greensboro Gun & Knife Show on Jan. 29 at the Greensboro Coliseum. Among the count finalized days later were five Rugers: a 9 millimeter, a GP100 .44-caliber Special Revolver and three AR-556 auto-loading rifles.

6 Sig Sauers
Thieves nabbed four 9-millimeter handguns — a P320, P224, P229 and a P226 — as well as a P2245 .40-millimeter and a P220 .45.

9 Taurus
One each of the M85 .38 Special, a blunt little TCP .38, a PT24 .9-millimeter and a Judge .45 revolver; three PT709 .9-millimeters and two more .38s.

6 Colts
All of them CSR 15 tactical rifles.

5 Anderson Arms
These were all AM-15 semiautomatic rifles.

2 Black Rain Ordnance
Both were Fallout-15 tactical rifles.

2 Yankee Hill Machine
Both were YHM-15s, an AR-15-style rifle.

8 miscellaneous
Among the miscellany were a nice little EAA Windicator .357, a Walther .38, a classic-look Heritage Rough Rider revolver and two more tactical rifles: a Spikes Tactical ST-15 and a DPMS A-15, bringing the total of rifles to 20.

Greensboro Police are still looking for information about the theft and any of the weapons. Call Crimestoppers at 336.373.1000 with tips.

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