by Kelly Fahey

1. An abandoned building

Maya Art Gallery, which was a locally owned used book and record seller, among other things, has been closed for a few weeks now. This list suggests things that would help further the cultural trajectory that the street seems to be on. Since Addam’s University Bookstore closed last spring, the empty building it inhabited has boosted the curb appeal of Tate Street by leaps and bounds. An annex to this empty building would do wonders for the block.

2. A pizza restaurant

Sometimes, I find myself torn between New York Pizza, Slices and Manhattan Pizza, which are all located on Tate Street. I think a fine-dining pizza place would benefit the block, maybe with a wood-fired oven. Someplace where the students of UNCG can take their parents when they come and visit. Perhaps Mellow Mushroom will consider opening a second Greensboro location in Maya’s place.

3. A police station

Nothing would keep UNCG students in line quite like a fourth police station in the vicinity of campus. A satellite location to the police station on the corner of Tate and Spring Garden would look great in this Maya’s former space.

4. An 18-and-older dance club

Ever since Drink left Tate Street after an untimely shooting, there’s been a disturbing lack of 18 and older dance clubs in the area. Sure, you could take a cab downtown, but what ever happened to convenience?

5. A VIP lounge for East Coast Wings

Some Tate Street dwellers were upset with the crowds that began gathering outside of East Coast Wings when they moved to the location. Why not make both parties happy and make the space into a VIP lounge/waiting area for the patrons of the restaurant? They could style it with custom East Coast Wings hookahs and big-screen TVs.


  1. I’m just happy Tate St can continue to moving forward in ways I didn’t believe in. I’m glad people won’t be bothered with local art & music, or culture. I’m glad the diversity that once was there, and Maya worked hard to sustain, can now move further into a homogenized vacuum state.

  2. Also: at least twelve more crosswalks. That way, students and neighbors won’t have to worry about consistently breaking the law (and potentially being killed) when they feel like crossing the street as soon as it occurs to them.

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