1. Polls
Nearly every poll listed at Real Clear Politics favored Hillary Clinton, some by as much as 6 points. The only one that had Trump as the winner was the Investor’s Business Daily, which pretty much nailed it. The LA Times poll also predicted a Trump win, but polls choosing Clinton outweighed Trump 10 to 1.

2. Debates
The only media outlets that declared Trump the winner of any of the three presidential debates were fake news outlets and partisan commentators — even Fox News admitted that Hillary won the first one. But George W. Bush lost all his debates, too, and look how that turned out.

3. Endorsements, media and otherwise
None of the major newspapers in the United States endorsed Donald Trump, except for the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville; the Las Vegas Review-Journal, owned by Trump ally Sheldon Adelson; newspapers in Santa Barbara, Calif., St. Joseph, Mo. and Hillsboro, Ohio; as well as the National Enquirer and the Crusader, which is the newspaper of the KKK. Also, no living former presidents or first ladies gave their endorsement to Trump.

4. Fundraising
Clinton outraised Trump by more than $380 million, according to Open Secrets. In all, $1.3 billion was raised for the presidential election, $594 million from super PACs.

5. Experience
Donald Trump is the first person to ascend to the presidency with absolutely no government or military experience, while Clinton has been involved in politics since the 1960s.

6. Racism/xenophobia/sexism
Trump pledged to ban Muslims from entering the United States, build a wall between us and Mexico, and deport all illegal immigrants (13 million of them!). He seems to believe that all black Americans live in inner cities, that all women should not have the final say on their healthcare, that a federal judge with a Mexican surname cannot perform his job due to his heritage (he was born in Indiana) and that Latinos eat taco bowls. He has also been sued, twice, by the Justice Department for refusing to rent New York apartments to black people.

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