Sometimes retrospectives feel a little forced. 

We were guilty of that at Triad City Beat, particularly in the early days when we were trying so hard to make our mark.

But 10 years — 10 years! — is a significant enough milestone that it feels right to devote most of our entire issue to the work we’ve done to get here, the people who did it and others who made everything possible.

A newspaper is nothing without its readers. Giving people something to read is more or less the whole point of the thing. Of course, we always strived for more than just words on a page. For us, it has always been about pulling out those stories that might not otherwise be told, finding a counter-narrative to the prevailing wisdom, bearing witness to the important events of our time, taking a stand when the occasion calls for it.

Things have changed around here over the years: We’ve had dozens of writers, designers and photographers pass through our ranks. Our cities have matured in the last 10 years — so many coffeeshops and breweries! — and our editorial goals have morphed along with the climate for media and politics in the Triad, though our mission remains the same and the work is still as satisfying as ever.

The work is what we bring today: 10 lists of 10 items each, culled from our pages, that together tell the story of who we are, and who we hope to be.

I truly hope you enjoy this romp through our 10-year history as much as I did looking back on all TCB has accomplished in its time, and these elements that make it what it is.

— Brian Clarey, publisher

For our 10-year-anniversary issue, we’ve put together 10 lists of reflections on the last decade. Click the links below to read them all! The print issue is out on the streets for the next two weeks!

10 big stories that shaped the Triad

10 things I learned from the last decade

10 reader reflections

10 alumni reflections

10 of TCB’s most-viewed stories

10 awards that TCB has won

Carolyn’s 10 favorite Shot in the Triad shots

10 unique stories by TCB

10 celebrity interviews

10 best covers

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