Al Heggins


A letter from High Point Deputy Manager Randy McCaslin notifying Human Relations Director Al Heggins that she was being fired cites repeated warnings about “poor judgment, negligence and/or incompetence” in her professional performance duties “and discourteous treatment of others”

The city provided Triad City Beat with a partially redacted copy of the letter, which does not specify any particular actions on Heggins’ part.

In the Oct. 2 letter, McCaslin notified Heggins that she had been terminated effective Oct. 1., and informed her that she has the right to appeal the decision to City Manager Greg Demko. Heggins lawyer has said that she intends to appeal.

Following one redacted passage, the letter reads, “Subsequently, you were warned and suspended for behaviors on August 13, 2015.”

Following another redacted passage, the letter continues, “On September 16, 2015, you again displayed unprofessional and discourteous behavior. In your recollection of each of the incidents, you have denied any wrongdoing; however, the objective evidence is to the contrary. Therefore, given you continued disregard for the standards set forth in the Personnel Resolution despite repeated warnings, your employment has been terminated.”

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