The crew here at Triad City Beat is elated to announce that we have won our first award!

Today at the Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering, we received the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship‘s 2015 Associate of the Year Award as part of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce‘s annual awards ceremony. It is absolutely an honor.

We’ve been working out of the business incubator since our beginning, with about 40 other businesses that are trying to get off the ground. There’s finance groups, a team from NC State, real estate and contracting companies and even a silversmith on the first floor.

One thing we all have in common: We bust our asses. The parking lot is full well into the night, and we always have company in the building when we work on weekends. And while we’re the ones who got the award, just about everyone in the Nussbaum is a freakin’ champion.

That includes the two great guys who run it: Sam Funchess and Clay Howard.

We are grateful to them all.


  1. I love that we have this publication, in our fair city. Many more honors and awards should be coming your way. Congratulations!

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