Other Triad art schools

Academy at Lincoln (GSO)

Lincoln, a middle school, pulls from honors students throughout the county for its advanced academic curriculum, and also offers a separate track for performing and visual arts.

Diggs-Latham Elementary (W-S)

Arts and global studies make up the curriculum at Diggs-Latham, an elementary school with programs in visual art, choral music, dance, piano, music composition, band, orchestra and theater arts.

Mineral Springs Elementary (W-S)

Mineral Springs Elementary utilizes the Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichment Model, developed in the 1970s for gifted students. It emphasizes broad-based, rigorous academics and enrichment, fosters development of the whole student and provides opportunities for the kids based on their interests and talents. The middle school program is an arts & leadership magnet, with programs in dance, drama, orchestra, chorus, band, piano and gymnastics.

Morehead Elementary (GSO)

This “expressive arts magnet” in the Guilford County school system has programs in art, drama, dance, music and a concentration in violin. Extracurriculars include drama, chorus, handbells, world drumming and speed stacking.

NC Governor’s School at Salem College (W-S)

The Governor’s School, open to high-achieving high school students across the state for 51 years, has its western campus at Salem College. Students spend the summer studying art, chorus, music, dance or theater, and integrate those concepts into the study of contemporary thought. Open only to rising seniors, students must first be nominated by a teacher or administrator, and then pass an audition to be accepted.

Parkland Magnet High School (W-S)

Parkland’s theme of internationalism and the arts extends into its participation in the International Baccalaureate Programme. They offer visual arts, theater, dance and music, and students must choose a discipline in 9th grade. “Learners are polished in the arts to think critically, creating their own works based on studies of internationalism, history, criticism, interpretation judgment and finally experimentation,” the school’s website reads.

Parkview Elementary (HP)

High Point’s expressive arts magnet benefits from Title 1 and Equity Plus, meaning that extra resources come in from the federal government to help students from the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum. Dance, drama, music, art and band are part of the curriculum.

Penn-Griffin School for the Arts (HP)

Located near the Washington Street community, Penn-Griffin takes grades 6-12 with programs in orchestra, band, chorus, classical guitar, piano, dance, theater and visual arts. Middle schoolers are selected by lottery, and high schoolers must audition for acceptance.

UNCSA early college (W-S)

The country’s first public arts college has opened its doors to advanced high schoolers interested in studying dance, drama, music and visual arts since it got its state charter in 1963. Students live on campus and are integrated somewhat into college life. A rigorous interview and audition process whittles the class size down to about 200 students.

Weaver Academy (GSO)

Weaver, in downtown Greensboro, is a high school with two academic tracks. One is a trade school focusing on technology. Arts students choose from dance, drama, guitar, music production, piano, strings, visual arts and vocal music. The honors school requires auditions for acceptance.

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