When RiverRun International Film Festival Began 17 years ago, there was an actual river involved — the French Broad in Brevard, the festival’s original home.

Now a river of film runs through Winston-Salem, more than 150 shorts, documentaries and features that wend through venues both traditional and experimental, 10 days across.

We watched as many as we could in the weeks leading up to the festival, with more coming online at triad-city-beat.com as the festival unfolds. There’s more than enough here for any cinephile or casual moviegoer.

Filmmakers love RiverRun because it’s hospitable and intimate, with opportunities for real interaction with viewers — many of the films we reviewed in this year’s selection will feature appearances by actors and directors.

Look for Stanley Nelson, director of Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, who will be around talking about the oral history of the movement. UNCSA alum David Gordon Green is in town for his film Manglehorn. There’s a pitch fest next week and parties every night.

This river flows through town until April 26, when the waters will recede for another year. Dip your toes in while you can.


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