logo_cityproject_big The board of directors of the City Project has proposed a memorandum of compromise to High Point City Council in an effort to sustain urban revitalization efforts in the city.

The proposal follows a decision by city council last month to reassign City Project Executive Director to another city department where she would be responsible for assisting revitalization efforts in eight different neighborhoods within the 11-square-mile Core City Area rather than solely the Ignite High Point plan developed by urban planner Andrés Duany to strategically target Uptowne for public investment.

The board of the City Project is proposing two alternate proposals. Under the first option, the city council would freeze its decision until the end of the year while gathering public input from a wide variety of stakeholders to determine a united vision for revitalization.

Under the second option, the city would create a Core City High Point nonprofit modeled after the High Point Economic Development Corp. and hire an additional staff member to adequately serve the needs of the Core City Area while keeping current efforts on track


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