Significant moves at the top of the pay scale

Along with death and taxes, there’s one certainty in Triad government from one year to the next: Coliseum Director Matt Brown will take home the biggest paycheck of any public servant. It’s easy to understand why. The facility he runs is a linchpin of Greensboro’s amateur-sports tourism economy, which spins off revenue to hotels and restaurants in the city. Accordingly, Brown’s pay rose from $269,575 to $288,445.

City managers in the Triad’s three largest cities earn roughly two thirds of what Brown takes home. The biggest change in the executive category since last year is that Winston-Salem City Manager Lee Garrity, who has held the top job the longest, leapfrogged over Jim Westmoreland, his counterpart in Greensboro. Garrity’s pay increased from $183,475 to $190,685.

Within the executive ranks, Mary Vigue left a position as an assistant city manager in Greensboro to join the Say Yes campaign, while Randy Hemann came to High Point from Salisbury to work as an assistant city position.

Kenneth Schultz took the job of police chief in High Point following the retirement of his predecessor, Marty Sumner. Likewise, Bobby Nugent replaced Greg Grayson as fire chief in Greensboro.

Notably, the city of High Point fired the director of its human relations department, replacing a department head who earned a salary of $97,400 with a manager, Fanta Dorley, who takes home less than two-thirds that amount.

Like Vigue, Donnie Turlington left the city of Greensboro to work for Say Yes. Turlington earned $101,500 as the city’s communications & marketing director, while his replacement, Carla Banks, earns $109,310. In High Point, Jeron Hollis was promoted from communications officer to community & public engagement director, with a hefty pay increase from $84,342 to $105,845.

In Winston-Salem, Melanie Johnson succeeded Renee Phillips as city secretary. Johnson earns $65,161 — $16,575 less than her predecessor.


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