Coronavirus daily update: Friday, Feb. 19


Bread don’t rise

My wife can’t eat wheat, and if I’m being real I’ve got to admit that it makes my stomach bloat as well. This becomes problematic when I make bread.

I’m trying everything: rye flour, rice flour, coconut flour, cassava flour… none of it gets the rise I need for a proper loaf. Taking another crack at it this weekend — send your gluten-free baking tips to [email protected].

Outside, the ice has thawed and we continue our downward trend in new cases. Make no mistake: We are getting a handle on this thing in North Carolina, and if everyone can keep from spitting in each other’s mouths for a couple more months we may have a wonderful spring.

The numbers

  • 3,227 new cases in NC today, 836,650 total. 10,820 deaths.
    • 5.7 percent positive test rate!
    • 5.8 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated — 608,560 people.
  • Guilford County adds 102, only a matter of time before we dip back down into double-digits.
  • Forsyth adds 115.

A diversion

Here’s two hours of Private Snafu, a cartoon series developed for soldiers in WWII — the team went on to create Bugs Bunny.

Program notes

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