Daily corona round-up

Remember to breathe

Seems a lot of things are bearing down on us all at once: rising coronavirus numbers, sure, but also the expiration of the federal unemployment bonus, which is driving about 10 percent of the economy, and the PPP program was designed to last about this long, unemployment is rising and school is starting in just a few weeks and there’s nothing to do and OH MY GOD!

Remember to breathe, deeply and deliberately. But not in public, and especially if you’re not wearing a mask. Droplets and such.

The numbers

  • We’ve got 1,982 new cases in NC, for a total of 81,331 lab-confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19. Our official recovery number of 55,318 will update Monday.
  • I made an error in Guilford’s total yesterday. Today they report 3,403 total diagnoses, 1,852 recoveries (54.52 percent) and 120 deaths (3.52 percent).
  • Forsyth has 55 new ones today, for 3,580. Two new deaths for 39 (1.09 percent), and 2,200 recoveries )61.45 percent).

A diversion

Ever Since Snow White in the 1930s, the Walt Disney Corporation and its precedents had a virtual lockdown on the US animated feature market, hoarding technology and talent , preventing other studios from even entering the game. You won’t find any Disney movies on YouTube. They got it on lockdown. But I did find a stream of Mr. Bug Goes to Town from 1941, the last animated feature made before the attack on Pearl Harbor and US entry into WWII.

Program notes

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