Daily corona round-up

So very tired

I’m tired, folks. So very tired. Our first week back in print coincided with widespread protests throughout the Triad, beauty and destruction in downtown Greensboro, peaceful agitation in Winston-Salem and marching in High Point. Too tired to link all this, but check the rest of the site for stories and video.

There’s also this pandemic, which continues apace.

We’ll have live footage of tonight’s protests in Greensboro on Facebook, and Twitter action from wherever Jordan Green plants himself. But for now, I’ve got some news.

Some news

  • Gov. Cooper called out Ace Speedway in Alamance in a letter reminding them that their capacity this weekend is 25, and not 2,550.
  • About 200 bar owners in NC are suing Cooper in a bid to reopen.

The numbers

A diversion

What the hell. “MacGyver” Season 4, Episode 13.

Program notes

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