Daily corona round-up

Recovery fatigue

Yes, we’re all sick of this shit. Some of us literally. So let’s keep things brief tonight, shall we? No need to belabor the obvious.

Some news

  • LabCorp’s coronavirus antibody test is available at all their Triad locations for $10 — you need a doctor referral, but you can obtain one online here.
    • This is not a test to see if you have COVID-19. Nor is it a test to see if you are aysmptomatically carrying around live virus. This is to see if you have already had COVID-19 without knowing it, and have developed the antibody.
    • I know several people who have gotten the test now. Just one who had the antibodies.
    • It’s useful data either way, both for the testers and the people getting tested.
  • The state has expanded guidelines for the people whoi should be tested for COVID-19.
  • The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association issued some voluntary guidelines for restaurants planning on opening some time in the next couple weeks.

The numbers

A diversion

I’ve been posting a run of good TV from the past the last couple days, and also I miss sports. So I’m dropping the pilot episode of “The White Shadow,” a fantastic hourlong drama that ran from 1978-81. It’s about the coach of an inner-city high school basketball team — a white guy who used to play in the NBA — and his gritty team. I loved this show, and I hope it holds up.

Program notes

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