Daily corona round-up

Welcome to Phase 2!

Whelp, we made it! After months of hard work, hand-washing, social-distancing and cooperation, we have finally hit our benchmarks and were able to advance to Phase 2 tonight at 5 p.m.!

Except that’s not what happened at all. New NC cases are not slowing down; we have hit none of the benchmarks we set for ourselves; we’ve increased testing to the point that it will take three years instead of nine years to test everybody who needs it, which is not good enough; and I’d say about half the people in the state are acting like a bunch of spoiled children.

But hey! Phase 2!

Of note: Just around 5 p.m., NC ABC gave guidance on Executive Order 141 that allows brewpubs to open tonight. Other news will have to wait.

The numbers

  • 758 new cases in NC today. That’s more than yesterday. They were found in 12,579 tests. That’s 6 percent.
  • Guilford adds 15 for 975.
  • Forsyth adds 48 for 869.
  • We’re approaching 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US. Will happen by Monday.

A diversion

I found Strange Brew, with Bob & Doug McKenzie, on YouTube, with Italian subtitles. Enjoy your beer.

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