Daily corona round-up

A rare day off

Regular readers of this feature may have noticed that I took the day off yesterday. Not entirely — I edited a few stories and made a couple posts on the website. But I didn’t make a daily update because after dinner I fell asleep on the couch.

But I’m back today, which is a good thing because the news continues to move quickly, like a cat escaping the house through a briefly opened door.

Some news

The numbers

  • Got a new metric this week: the Rt number, which is a measure of the speed at which the virus is spreading, broken down by states. North Carolina is in the middle.
  • Saturday’s NC numbers have been adjusted downward, to just 490, which would still be our biggest single day. But the last two days have seen a significant drop: 288 and 312 new cases, respectively.
    • But according to the N&O data, 16 people died in NC yesterday and 11 so far today. At least 328 have died so far in NC.
  • Forsyth County saw a spike of 25 new cases today, totaling 178.
  • Guilford County’s new total is 331. They’re not giving daily update numbers, nor keeping track or recoveries.
    • Guilford could do better.

A diversion

Remember The Goonies? the 1985 classic featured a lot of kid actors who went on to become adult stars: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Martha Plimpton, specifically. Here they all are today, on an episode of a YouTube coronavirus series “Reunited Apart,” re-creating some classic scenes via teleconference.

Program notes