Daily corona round-up

Is Chapel Hill the canary in the UNC coal mine?

God, I hope not.

After 130 students at UNC Chapel Hill tested positive for COVID-19 this week — including all but two residents of the Sigma Nu fraternity house — and five faculty members, the flagship school of the UNC System has pivoted to online-only classes.

But I was at App State this weekend, where the numbers are much more… subdued. So it seems not all UNC schools are created equally. So it’s probably a good time to check in with our local UNC schools.

  • NC A&T University doesn’t have current numbers on its coronavirus resource page, but this old page, last updated July 31, claims five cases among students. This bears more reporting.
  • UNC School of the Arts claims 0 cases on campus among all students, faculty and staff.
  • UNCG claims five cases dispersed among students, faculty and staff.
  • Winston-Salem State says two faculty members and one student have tested positive.

The numbers

  • The big news is that new cases in the state hit a low today: 564 new cases, 145,516 total.
    • New recovery numbers: 127,749 (87.79 percent). With 2,732 deaths (1.87 percent), that makes 15,035 existing cases.
    • Positive-test rate: 7 percent.
  • Guilford County added 125 new cases over the weekend, along with 65 new recoveries (3,540) and one new death (153).
  • Forsyth County adds 84 over the weekend (5,561), 160 new recoveries (4,814) and no new deaths (56).

A diversion

Did you know Andy Griffith was from North Carolina, and that he went to UNC-Chapel Hill? Of course you did. But did you know that the bit that made him famous was about college football? Yeah, maybe you knew that, too. But here it is anyway! “What it Was Was Football,” with some fun animation.

Program notes

  • Tonight’s featured image is “Hudson’s Bay Lemming,” by John Woodhouse Audubon in 1846. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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