Daily corona round-up

The reckoning begins

I spent the morning scouring Twitter for airport videos of insurrectionists discovering they had been put on the no-fly list for their treasonous activities last week. Highly recommended.

At the besieged capitol, House Democrats introduced a single article of impeachment against Trump, with the threat of the 25th Amendment on the back burner.

Amazon kicked right-wing social-media site Parler off its servers.

And several corporate mega-donors have decided not to fund Republican politicians who tried to overturn our fair and free election.

There’s so much more. But lest we forget, the coronavirus never sleeps, and it doesn’t care about politics.

The numbers

  • This weekend in NC saw 10,028 (Saturday) and 11,581 (Saturday) new cases, with 629,214 total. With 7,578 deaths, which means an even 250 since Friday.
    • New recovery numbers: 521,475, which helps us calculate the active caseload: 100,061. Astonishing. 3,843 of them are hospitalized.
    • 13.9 percent positive test rate, trending down.
  • 512 new cases just today in Guilford County, which now has 25,212 total. Four new deaths today for 329. There are 4,036 active cases, 275 of them hospitalized.
  • In Forsyth, the dashboard offers 199 new cases, for 23,404. 235 total deaths.

A diversion

I was looking for another new public-domain work from 1925 — Lovers in Quarantine — when I stumbled across this documentary about British prison-tattoo culture in the 1800s. Yes, please!

Program notes

  • Looks as if it took Erastus Salisbury Field 15 years to paint “The Death of the First Born,” 1865-80. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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