Daily corona round-up

An impediment to progress

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s tough to get ahead during a global pandemic. So many businesses are closed and others are frozen in place, waiting for the next turn of the wheel. There’s not much to do, and nobody to do it with. Our forward progress is definitely being impeded, like trying to run through a mud field, but we keep going because that’s what we’re built to do.

Some news

  • The Wyndham Championship golf tournament will still be held in Greensboro this year, Aug. 13-16, except there will be no fans in attendance.
  • Bennett College is going online only.
  • NC Sen Danny Britt (R-Lumberton) has tested positive for COVID-19.

The numbers

  • North Carolina set a new record for new cases on Saturday, 2,462, which along with 1,908 on Sunday and 1,827 today make 87,528 total diagnoses.
    • Our positive-test rate is 10 percent.
    • 1,040 are hospitalized, using about 75 percent of our hospital beds.
    • This week’s recovery report puts our total at 67,124 (76.68 percent).
    • 1,517 deaths (1.73 percent), making 18,887 active cases, 5.51 percent of which are hospitalized.
  • Guilford County claims 3,533 diagnoses of COVID-19, up 130 through the weekend. There have been 1,889 recoveries and 125 deaths, making 1,519 active cases, 387 of which are hospitalized (25.47 percent)
  • Forsyth County says 3,731 total diagnoses, up 151 through the weekend. 2,303 recoveries (61.72 percent), plus 40 deaths (1.07 percent) makes 1,388 active cases.

A diversion

Is Leslie Nielsen still funny? I know that Airplane holds up (“Stop calling me Shirley), though I’m not so sure about the Naked Gun films, which also starred OJ Simpson. But here’s “Bad Golf Made Easier,” a very stupid short from 1993 that, if I remember correctly, was filled with slapstick jokes and terrible punnery.

Program notes

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